Westgate Streetscape





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Contrax crews delivered all the hard landscaping and decorative concrete for this project, including the construction of five 40m-60m faceted concrete retaining walls. These walls were built in-situ by pouring concrete over polystyrene forms, rather than pre-cast — the first time this technique had been used to deliver such a complex shape. Contrax created samples to help smooth out any potential construction issues and delivered the structures successfully to specification.

Contrax also delivered a 10m x 4m decorative water feature with multiple falls on ten levels, three infinity ponds and hidden drainage plus a large area of  decorative, exposed aggregate concrete squares (multiple dimensions to form a specified pattern) with porous resin pebble silicone, diverting rainwater through channels to irrigate planters. The project also included the installation of all the street furniture and the construction of small in-situ stairs.

Contrax crews included specialist drainlayers, carpenters, concrete placers, pavers supported by an engineer and site supervisor.


This project demanded precision, specialist concrete expertise and on-site problem-solving, particularly during construction of the faceted retaining walls and water feature.

Contrax delivered the following on-site concrete work:

  • Specialist concrete, design and construction
  • Hard landscaping
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Decorative concrete
  • In-situ stairs