Burswood Drive Footpaths


Auckland Council



Tender Value


Commencement Date

April 2018

Final Construction Value


Final Completion Date

May 2019

Contrax was contracted by Auckland Council to construct a new footpath and timber bridge along Burswood Reserve. The work was originally planned for summer but due to some issue was delivered through the 2018 Winter. The project ran alongside an active wetland with mangroves and tidal estuary. Despite the wet weather the project was delivered on time with great quality and little issues. Early planning resulted in a clear program which the crews stuck too, and the successful delivery of the first stage led to an additional timber bridge project being added late in the piece.

The main timber bridge had an overall length of 34m and included drilling pile foundations into existing mangroves whilst minimizing all environmental impacts. The area was extremely tidal but working in conjunction with an expert drilling contractor Contrax managed to complete all works on the bridge without any environmental issues and provided an excellent final product.

The secondary bridge project called for the widening of an existing structure which Contrax completed with the help of a specialist bridging contractor. Strengthening and reinforcement of the pile supports occurred in a live stream with extreme caution given to negating any environmental impact.

In-house specialist concrete crews, carpenters, drainlayers and digger operators were supported by an engineer and site supervisor.

Contrax delivered all on-site work to completion, including:

    • Excavation/earthworks
    • Drainage
    • Footpath construction
    • Landscaping
    • Timber bridge construction (including piling)