Coyle Park


Auckland Council


Pt Chev

Tender Value


Commencement Date

October 2016

Final Construction Value


Final Completion Date

May 2018

Contrax was asked to construct a new footpath network within Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier. The project called for the construction of 670m of exposed aggregate concrete footpaths through an extremely popular park used my many families, large gatherings, & many organized public events including the annual Auckland “Big Gay Out”. The park is also well known for its Cultural & Archaeological features with Maori known to have used the area throughout history.

The project was heavily influenced by the presence of large mature pines along the parks border and the paths route. These large trees have very widespread root systems which required the path to be built using a multitude of different root protection systems. Contrax successfully proposed the use of Cellweb tree root protection system. This proposal was adopted and proved a major success in being able to build a footpath across large roots with no excavation and minimal root disruption. Other major issues successfully dealt with included working within an active and extremely popular reserve with multiple points of conflict with the public, working alongside local Iwi to monitor excavation activities in an area known to have archaeological significance, & working in a coastal zone with strict environmental controls.

In-house resources included 2x excavation crews, concrete crews, carpenters, & drainlayers supported by an engineer and site supervisor.

Contrax delivered all on-site work to completion, including:

  • Excavation/earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Footpath construction
  • Bollard construction