Schollum Access


Private Individual



Tender Value


Commencement Date

Apr 2018

Final Construction Value


Final Completion Date

May 2019

Contrax was contacted by a private individual and asked to help deliver a bespoke driveway north of Auckland. The driveway was to be constructed along a narrow ridgeline linking the small rural road with the large housing platform at the end of the ridge. The project required extreme care and co-ordination to ensure the pristine local environment and a number of large old trees were not damaged.

The Contrax team, lead by one of our most senior staff members, worked for three months cutting a path through the bush, installing silt detention systems, permeant drainage, and ultimately a flowing concrete driveway along the very narrow ridgeline. After the driveway was initially cut the team was also asked to complete the large house cut and installed two large timber retaining walls. This work was added without complication and the final product was one of extremely high quality in a beautiful environment.

Contrax crews included senior operators, carpenters, & concrete placers


Working within a sensitive environment (surrounded by native bush) and along a very narrow ridge with limited access.


Contrax delivered the following on-site work:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Sediment pond construction
  • Aggregate driveway construction
  • Concrete driveway construction
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Drainage