Contrax was contracted to deliver the upgrade of an existing walkway and stairs within Western Park in Auckland’s CBD. Western Park is the cities oldest public park and the project involved a substantial upgrade of the existing stairs linking Hopetoun St with the newly constructed playground within the park. Contrax’ crews delivered the entire project in house, including the construction of 16 flights of concrete stairs & landings, timber stairs, timber boardwalks, replacement of an existing timber deck, construction of a stainless-steel handrail, & soft landscaping.

Contrax crews included specialist carpenters, concrete placers, & pavers supported by an engineer and site supervisor.


The project was very complex with difficulties driven by its location on a steep slope rising more then 60m from start to finish & work within an environmentally sensitive area. It was made more difficult by having to complete the job through the winter months. The team used an innovative system of piping to deliver materials to the various points of the site without having to track truck and/or excavators through the vegetation.


Contrax delivered the following on-site work:

  • Specialist concrete, design and construction
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Decorative concrete
  • In-situ concrete stairs
  • Timber stairs
  • Timber boardwalks
  • Timber decking
  • Soft landscaping