Mangawhai Skatepark


Mangawhai Activity Zone Trust [MAZ]



Tender Value


Commencement Date

July 2019

Final Construction Value


Final Completion Date

November, 2019

This contract entailed an extension to the existing skatepark in Mangawhai. Designed by Rich Landscapes to include skate features for all ages & abilities it covered all the basis a modern skate park should and proves Contrax ability to deliver complex and multi-faceted skateparks that achieve the exact design requirements and high-quality finishes.

With the construction of the original design driving the costs above the client’s budget, Contrax worked with MAZ and Rich Landscapes to devise value-engineered solutions that enabled the first two stages of the project being completed within the tight budget. The high-quality workmanship and attention to detail prevented the need for any rework, thereby helping this project to remain within the budget constraints.

The scope of works undertaken by Contrax comprised construction of:

• A new beginners’ skate area
• An extension of an existing flow bowl area
• Remedial works within the existing site that included

Additional works undertaken by Contrax as a gift to the local community included:

• Donating the capping stones used for the seating area.
• Reconstructing the beach volleyball court.
• Installing three water fountains.

Also relevant to the Mercury Bay Skatepark project is the significant interface with the local community / users of the existing skatepark.

The MAZ Trust is continuing to petition for funding to complete the final stage of the park, comprising the completion of the flow bowl area and construction of a competition street area.