Harrier Point Playground


Kainga Ora



Tender Value


Commencement Date

Oct 2016

Final Construction Value


Final Completion Date

May 2018

Working with HLC (now Kainga Ora) Contrax was contracted to deliver the construction of a new playground in Hobsonville Point. The project included the construction of a large stair set, retaining walls, playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, BBQ Area, footpaths, & a large metal artwork.

Contrax experienced team worked with HLC to ensure the timely delivery of the project as a cornerstone site for the wider Hobsonville Point Development. Our crew delivered high quality in-situ concrete items as well as the installation of all the specialist playground equipment.

Later, Contrax also facilitated the installation of a 10m high custom artwork piece. The “Shag Art” was designed and built by an artist in Huntly and upon completion, Contrax lead the installation using two 100T cranes and rigging staff. HSE was at the forefront and after many meetings, an agreed methodology was confirmed to ensure all works took place without risk. The Artwork now stands proudly within the playground and acts as both a lookout, slide, & artwork piece.

Contrax crews included specialist carpenters, concrete placers, & pavers supported by an engineer and site supervisor.