B405 Auckland University




Auckland CBD

Tender Value

$1.5 Million

Commencement Date

August 2019

Final Construction Value

$2.3 Million

Final Completion Date

December 2019

Working alongside Hawkins, Contrax crews delivered multiple aspects of this award-winning construction project. The job called for the large scale upgrade of the hard & soft landscaping sorroundung the new engineering building in Auckland Universitys city campas. Contrax specialist teams helped deliver multiple cast insitu stairs, insitu & block retaining walls, kerbing, roadways paving, street furniture construction, and much more.

Due to deadlines around the university schedule the timeline was incredibly tight and called for unity between the Contrax management and Hawkins onsite team. It worked very well and with multiple faces being worked on at once with upto five individual Contrax teams onsite at any time the work progressed ahead of schedule and was delivered with exceptional quality.

Challenges including working in an active University with tens of thousands of students present in the vicinity at any one time. Near constant design changes also led to some challenges but were overcome in a timely manner via solid communication and expert problem-solving.

The overall project came out amazing and will stand the test of time for all students and other stakeholders to enjoy.