Oakley Creek


Fulton Hogan


Mt Roskil

Tender Value


Commencement Date

May 2017

Final Construction Value

$2.3 Million

Final Completion Date

July 2019

Working alongside Fulton Hogan, Contrax crews delivered multiple aspects of this award-winning wet land restoration project. The job called for the significant upgrade of Oakley Creek in Auckland Mt Roskill. Contrax work involved the construction of several new boardwalks, bridges, footpaths, a BMX track, fencing and a multitude of smaller items.

As a long-term multiyear project Contrax worked closely with Fulton Hogan to deliver completed sections of work within the given time frames. High level of finishes became the norm as extra attention was paid to turn what was once an eyesore into an outstanding asset for the local community.

Our team of expert craftsman helped deliver smaller details such as an outdoor classroom for local schools to use, architecturally designed bridges that blend into the surrounding environment and even a pump track for local kids to ride on.

Contrax crews included specialist drainlayers, carpenters, concrete placers, pavers supported by an engineer and site supervisor.


The biggest hurdle was working in & around an active stream where any environmental run-off would’ve had significant impacts. Tight controls and constant monitoring ensured no issues arose during the construction period.