Art Installations

Contrax has installed some of the greater Auckland region’s most prominent public artworks.  Precision and a high degree of technical skill is required to ensure that these high-profile projects are completed in a way that brings the artist’s vision to life.  This includes working through the technical specifications and design of reinforced concrete slabs, inset lighting and any surrounding hard and soft landscaping needs while managing site-specific risk and Health & Safety management.

Loafers public artwork

Symonds Street and Wellesley Street underpass intersection

In the heart of Auckland’s university district, Contrax pre-cast and installed the three (xx tonne) vessel-shaped concrete plinths that showcase Francis Upritchard’s loafing bronze figures. Design input into the plinth shape and contruction…  Technical difficulties to overcome / project details /skills required i.e. fixing via the underside of the underpass.

Te Kanohi o Te Manu

The Eye of the Bird), Harrier Point, Hobsonville

Made out of eight tonnes of Corten steel, this 11m high sculpture was constructed in three parts to be assembled in situ using a 50-tonne crane under tight Health and Safety requirements.  Contrax project managed this installation, supplying specialist riggers, carpenters, and concreters, all working closely with the on-site H&S officer. The installation was further complicated by working within a limited space surrounded by trees.  Contrax delivered the fully finished site comprising sculpture assembly, reinforced concrete slab construction, with soft fall and boxing installed around the feature on time, and to budget.

The Beacon

Milford Reserve, North Shore

Sited in a public park, this site was continuously open to members of the local community.  Contrax cast the pedestal in situ for Lang Ea’s circular sculpture. Made from polished stainless steel, the sculpture is designed to transform between dusk and 10pm, bathed in soft violet light to symbolise the achievements of the suffragettes and be a beacon of hope for women past, present, and future. Inset LED lighting complimented by large floodlights stationed at exact locations and angles was key to creating this effect. Working with multiple parties, Contrax applied a pragmatic lens to this creative project, adding design input and problem solving to deliver the desired effect.