Concrete Works

Contrax is Greater Auckland’s leading concrete specialist with years of experience delivering pre-cast and cast-in-situ concrete for a wide range of applications from civil siteworks to architecturally designed features for public spaces and streetscapes and highly technical specialty projects like skate parks.

Our team is recognized for its ability to deliver difficult and challenging concrete works.  Contrax uses the latest techniques and equipment to plan, estimate, schedule, form, place, and finish concrete to meet or exceed project specifications.

Whether your project includes retaining walls, roading and carparks, footpaths, vehicle crossings, traffic calming features and cycleways or decorative concrete features and finishes, Contrax can deliver. 

Retaining Walls

Contrax is experienced in the construction of commercial retaining walls in concrete block, keystone, in-situ concrete, or mass block or timber offering a wide range of solutions when it comes to constructing retaining walls in challenging locations.

Stairs & Steps

Our specialist teams of concreters, block layers and carpenters can deliver stairs and steps using a wide range of materials and construction methods to suit your project specifications and budget.

Street Furniture

Contrax delivers high-end custom-built street furniture, appoints unique artworks and installs a wide range of ready-made furniture from park benches, bins, bollards to planters, cycle racks and stands sourced from our network of suppliers across the country. 

Footpaths & Vehicle Crossings

Contrax delivers brush and exposed concrete footpaths and cycleways to a high-quality standard and finish, typically as part of wider projects. Our skilled crews specialise in high profile and premium projects, difficult to build or environmentally sensitive sites like Wynyard Quarter, Burswood Esplanade Reserve and (one more example).

Decorative Finishes

Contrax can deliver every aspect of specialist pavement construction and finishes, ranging from decorative concrete, sandblasting, and decorative aggregates to high quality paving using natural stone or concrete pavers.  At Contrax we know that our finish is your client’s first impression.

Traffic Calming Features

Precision and a quality finish are essential in the construction of traffic calming features like speed tables, bumps, and chicanes.  In order to safeguard both the people and vehicles using the road, traffic calming features must be built with great accuracy to be fit-for-purpose and function well without requiring highly visible reworks.


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