Decorative Finishes

Contrax can deliver every aspect of specialist pavement construction and finishes, ranging from decorative concrete, sandblasting, and decorative aggregates to high quality paving using natural stone or concrete pavers.  At Contrax we know that our finish is your client’s first impression.

We offer a single project manager with the ability to fully coordinate all aspects of the job from site control (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment), accountability and clear accurate client communication across the programme.  Contrax model of 100% self-delivery guarantees a tightly run site, economies of scale, and robust on-site risk and Health & Safety management.  We offer a large team with diverse skill sets, flexibility, and the agility to get resources and skilled labour to the site at the right time and in the right sequence to avoid programme slippage.

Decorative Concrete

As Auckland’s leading concrete construction company, Contrax provides high quality decorative concrete in a wide range of surface finishes from sand blasted, broomed, trowelled, and stamped finishes.

Decorative Sandblasting

Our skilled crews have the experience to sandblast detailed and precise patterns and sequences onto horizontal and vertical surfaces, creating a stunning overall finish for beautiful and functional public spaces. 

Decorative Aggregates

We have strong relationships with the suppliers of premium decorative stabilised aggregates.  Aggrok and Organic-Lok provide durable and permeable, stable aggregate surfaces that safeguard your investment by resisting erosion and damage typically caused by weather and traffic — maintaining a high-quality look and feel over time.  These aggregates allow you to create natural, aesthetically pleasing, permeable surfaces.


Contrax is well-recognised for the construction of high-quality natural stone paving sets using basalt and granite. Our input into lay out and finishing options often adds value in the early stages of a project, promoting better design and economic outcomes.