Paving & Stonework

Our specialist paving team can fully deliver any type of paving project from natural stone, concrete paving on podiums and tiling.

Natural Stone

Contrax is well-recognised for the construction of high-quality natural stone paving sets using basalt and granite. Our input into layout and finishing options often adds value in the early stages of a project, promoting better design and economic outcomes.

When it comes to decorative patterns, Contrax skilled pavers know that accuracy is the key to creating strong visual impact.  

Precast Concrete​

Contrax has a strong working relationship with a range of precast suppliers throughout Auckland. Working together, we deliver detailed high quality precast concrete features that enhance the overall streetscape.  We can provide a one-stop service for decorative, highly visual concrete features from shop drawings to completed install.  Our early input into projects results in more workable, feasible and cost-effective outcomes, delivering a better overall result with no reworks.

Podiums & Courtyards

The construction of podiums and courtyards brings the added challenge of working within space constraints, often around other construction crews. In this environment, clear, proactive communication, and well-managed and careful adherence to site health and safety processes are required to minimise risk.  Contrax project managers and crews are very experienced paving on tile jack systems, delivering level and layout control to a high degree of accuracy to ensure that nothing interferes with the aesthetics of the final result. Contrax is a recommended installation partner for Outdure decking products and systems.