Stairs & Steps

Our specialist teams of concreters, block layers and carpenters can deliver stairs and steps using a wide range of materials and construction methods to suit your project specifications and budget.


Contrax specialises in the construction of pre-cast or built-in-situ concrete steps and stairs that conform to design specifications while being fully functional and delivering safe outcomes for users.

As concrete experts, our team understands the parameters of the material and we can offer advice on design early in the project offering feedback and improvements that will help to deliver a better price or a better product or the price quoted.

Built to avoid cracking, our proprietary systems and techniques for stair construction are repeatable and proven, delivering an outstanding finish with the right angle and size of treads to avoid ponding

Steps and stairs can present a number of technical difficulties, particularly when located beside retaining walls, in tight alleyways or with unusual design features.  Contrax delivers the attention to detail and experience to ensure the same high-quality result every time, complete with perfect levels and finishes. 

Our professional project managers and tradesmen can build a wide range of functional and decorative stairs with the site control to protect environmentally sensitive sites from contamination or leaching.  We can use pre-cast or cast-in-situ techniques to suit your project budget and site constraints and deliver the best possible outcome with no reworks or programme delays.


We have an experienced in-house team of carpenters that can deliver timber stairs and steps to any design and specification. We are known for delivering consistently well-made and finished timber features across every project, including challenging and hard-to-access sites.  


At Contrax we can custom fabricate steel stairs and steps to project specifications. We also deliver a wide range of other steel components including handrails, bollards, edging, planters and stainless-steel rigging for green walls and foliage systems.