Vertical Builds & Apartments

At Contrax Greenscapes, we specialise in creating beautiful and functional spaces as part of highly technical, full service vertical construction projects.  Working on podiums or at heights, often with weight and space restrictions, requires specialist knowledge and capabilities to deliver in full, to specification on these time-restricted projects.

From the ECI to handover and on-going maintenance, our team works to deliver a stunning result to the twelve-month mark and beyond.  Our experience often provides a pragmatic lens during the early stages of vertical build projects when we work with landscape architects to ensure concepts move smoothly from planning to completion without impacting on delivery.

Project scope & scale

Contrax Greenscapes works with Tier 1 and 2 contractors on projects valued at $150K to $1million+.  We are capable of delivering every component of project hard and soft landscaping requirements for podiums, rooftop gardens, balconies, and green facades.

Technical expertise

We have proven our ability to implement methodologies that are both fit for purpose and fit for construction including decking, tiles and artificial turf on deck jack systems and design of soil media and void fillers that promote the best weight loading of the podium. 

Working to programme with
minimal defects

Vertical construction projects are often a race against time, requiring compacted durations and intelligent sequencing.  That means working in a time-efficient way with minimal defects.  At Contrax Greenscapes we aim to do the job right, first time, every time, but more importantly, if defects occur, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to resolve them without impacting the project timeline. 

One project manager — Full scope of services

During vertical build projects, Contrax Greenscapes offers a full scope of services under a dedicated project manager, providing certainty, accountability, and a single point of contact.  Our expertise and range of services include:

Contrax is a nominated installer of Outdure, Proframe, and other decking systems.  We deliver a wide range of specialty timber decking projects across parks and playgrounds, housing developments and in vertical builds and apartments across the Greater Auckland area.
Our project managers and crews are very experienced paving on tile jack systems, delivering level and layout control to a high degree of accuracy to ensure that nothing interferes with the aesthetics of the final result.
Our team of drainlayers will do the groundwork to make sure that the infrastructure supporting your project is well-designed, functional and meets specification. Getting it right first time saves time and money in the long run.
Our experienced irrigation specialists design, install, and maintain watering systems for everything from gardens and lawns, to balcony planters, roof-tops and green walls in streetscapes, reserves, pocket parks and apartment buildings.
We can supply custom-made GRC, steel and aluminium planters for gardens, decks and balconies.
Info coming soon…
We can deliver high-end custom-built street furniture, appoint unique artworks or install a wide range of ready-made furniture from park benches, bins, bollards to planters, cycle racks and stands sourced from our network of suppliers across the country. Find
Contrax Greenscapes has the expertise and experience to recommend and supply the soil mix that best suits your project – from screened topsoil through to specialist rain garden and light-weight rooftop garden mixes. We can custom design growing media to specific weights, compositions, and filtration / water retention rates to meet your project requirements. Including full soil testing and certification.
Our landscaping team is supported by a dedicated in-house plant procurement specialist with strong relationships across a large network of leading nurseries. We can contract grow to meet the requirements of large-scale projects, and can eco-source natives from specific regions, supplying the appropriate certification to ensure compliance with project requirements.

Podiums & Rooftop gardens

Our team understands the complexity of delivering hard and soft landscaping services for podiums and rooftop gardens in an environment that demands a highly technical approach.  Tight programming, working at heights and around other construction teams, and delivering to specification while managing the overall weight and load distribution is critical to the success of these specialist projects.  Contrax Greenscapes has a strong track record in the installation of both the specialised systems and the components for podiums and rooftop gardens. 


Contrax is experienced delivering the technical aspects of work on balconies. From operating within access restrictions to protect the integrity of completed interiors and managing logistics at the end of a tight programme to working at heights and within weight restrictions, the Contrax team can deliver.  

Green Walls

Green walls and foliage systems are often a highly visual component of sustainable building design.  Custom-designed for each project, green walls are a bespoke item.  At Contrax Greenscapes, our experience across a range of systems allows our team to design, recommend, install, and maintain the right system for every job.