Quality Management

At Contrax, detailed planning is central to the way we do business.  Our staff adhere to stringent Quality Management processes developed in the company, for the company.  Our attitude from the top down is ‘Do it once, do it right’.

Our Quality Management processes underpin Contrax commitment to excellent customer service and ensure that project delivery meets or exceeds expectation. In the planning stages of each project, before we’ve got boots on the ground, we set up clear ‘stop and hold’ points to ensure compliance and avoid reworks.

Once on-site, our supervisors hold daily ‘stop and look forward’ meetings to ensure that nothing gets missed.  At a ‘whole of business’ level, weekly programme meetings provide a clear understanding of all activity throughout the business, allowing us to prioritise and allocate resources effectively.

Our QM system is ‘live’ and updated throughout each project from commencement to delivery, tracking progress against a site-specific plan that prioritises the maintenance of a safe working environment.

Management-level commitment to our Quality Assurance process is demonstrated by the regular monitoring and auditing undertaken to ensure that our QM policy is implemented fully across all projects.

The culture of quality is ingrained in our business.  Contrax employees take great pride in completing work to the agreed specifications and standards.  Our ‘can do’ attitude is just one of the attributes that sets us apart from other contractors.