Playgrounds & Parks

Contrax has an outstanding track record for leading successful, well-designed, and executed community park construction projects and children’s playgrounds throughout the Auckland region. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with local community leaders during the design and construction phases to safeguard each area’s unique environment during the life of the project and beyond.

Contrax has the expertise to deliver works in established parks or build a wide range of parks, either working with your nominated suppliers or supplying all project requirements in-house.  From initial earthworks and demolition to prepare the site to building fences, boardwalks and kerbing, paving and formwork for paths and the installation of play equipment and street furniture.

Our team has also successfully tackled high profile installations of unique outdoor features like the 11m high Harrier Point look out and slide in Hobsonville Point, constructed from eight tonnes of Corten steel. Check out project details. 

Accurate level control was the focus in the construction of Catalina water park in Hobsonville with no margin for error in the cement works.  Our team of experienced carpenters and cement experts created an enduring interactive play environment with the perfect finish. Find out more.

Contrax is well-known for specialist skate park construction.  Our team has the skills needed to design and build safe, durable, leisure spaces.  Our team has a proven track record for delivering a wide range of highly complex skateparks in and around the greater Auckland area.  Find out more.

Our project management and strong focus on health and safety, environmental and quality standards keep playground projects tightly within regulations, ensuring on-going compliance without delays to the programme.