Podiums & Rooftop Gardens

Our team understands the complexity of delivering hard and soft landscaping services for podiums and rooftop gardens in an environment that demands a highly technical approach.  Tight programming, working at heights and around other construction teams and delivering to specification while managing the overall weight and load distribution is critical to the success of these specialist projects.

Contrax Greenscapes has a strong track record in the installation of specialised systems for rainwater capture and irrigation, drainage, paving and decking and delivery of specifically engineered soil mixes and void fillers for podiums and rooftop gardens. 

Our team has developed a robust specialist supplier network and proven methodologies to deliver completed podium and rooftop gardens in way that mitigates the risk of failure. We are also an authorised installer of pavers and decking on industry-leading jack systems.

Protecting the site

Working in confined spaces and at heights on rooftops, podiums and balconies demands close attention to detail, an overall understanding of the build sequence and existing structures.  Water proofing roof membranes must be protected to avoid risk of failure.  If there is only internal site access, knowing how best to protect the integrity of completed interiors, avoiding incidental damage and reworks. 

Contrax has specialist crews delivering carpentry, decking, paving, and concrete services including custom fabricated steel edging, handrails and planters and custom street furniture.We can deliver a full service hard and soft landscaping solution, including: