At Contrax, we are a specialist skatepark construction company with the skills needed to design and build safe, durable, leisure spaces.  We’ve got a proven track record for delivering a wide range of highly complex skateparks in and around the greater Auckland area: some recent projects include Victoria Park, Shadbolt Park, Stanmore Bay, Birkenhead, Orewa Skate Park, Wellsford – see our skatepark construction projects.

Working with some of New Zealand’s leading skatepark designers, we consider the existing landscape, its ecology, and surrounding structures to constructively blend with skate obstacles.  This process involves wide consultation with local stakeholders, particularly the skating community.

Skatepark construction is technically challenging, requiring an experienced, professional trades team of specialist concreters, carpenters and drainlayers.  The wide range of skatepark projects delivered by Contrax over the past decade have allowed us to develop and refine proprietary techniques that deliver the extremely hard-wearing surfaces fundamental to skatepark construction in a way that improves constructability while working within budget constraints.

The incorporation of streetscape elements in skateparks plays to our core strengths. This includes bowls, half pipes, ramps and other key features of contemporary skatepark design and construction projects.

For great design, careful site preparation, accurate form work, meticulous hand finishing and curing, talk to Contrax.