Timber Works

Contrax delivers a wide range of timber works for infrastructure projects, housing developments, vertical builds and apartments.  Our specialist carpenters can accurately deliver specialty projects working within existing parameters or build new timber structures to suit every project.  Our attention to detail and accuracy attracts repeat work because our crews know that our finish is your project’s first impression.

Retaining Walls

Contrax is experienced in the design, engineering, and construction of commercial retaining walls.  Whether your project specifies timber, concrete block, keystone, in-situ concrete, or mass block retaining wall construction, we can help.  Contrax is experienced delivering retaining wall construction projects in difficult-to-access and challenging sites that need a high level of skill and experience.


Contrax is a nominated installer of Outdure and other decking systems.  We deliver a wide range of specialty timber decking projects across parks and playgrounds, housing developments and in vertical builds and apartments across the Greater Auckland area.  Find out more


Contrax is a skilled bridge and boardwalk construction company, specialising in small footbridges, timber boardwalks and walkways. Our team of engineers and expert carpenters, concreters and pavers can handle the whole job from start to finish, including excavation, drainage, base course, piling, formwork, reinforcing, concrete, and timber.

Using a wide range of different timbers, matching lines, and joints, with chamfered edges for a perfect final finish, Contrax tradesmen deliver an outstanding overall quality on every job. 

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Stairs & Steps

Contrax can deliver high-end custom-built street furniture, appoint unique artworks, or install a wide range of ready-made furniture from park benches, bins, bollards to planters, cycle racks and stands sourced from our network of suppliers across the country.  Our custom designs can turn street furniture into art, providing a stunning finish to any project.  Find out more


Our carpenters deliver quality, cost-effective timber fencing solutions to meet your design and cost specifications.  Known for getting the job right first time, Contrax teams accurately match existing structures or create new ones, meeting project timelines.

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