At Contrax Greenscapes, our team of drainlayers will do the groundwork to make sure that the infrastructure supporting your project is well-designed, functional and meets specification.  Getting it right first time saves time and money in the long run.


Our experienced irrigation specialists design, install, and maintain watering systems for everything from gardens and lawns, to balcony planters, roof-tops and green walls in streetscapes, reserves, pocket parks and apartment buildings.

Whether it’s on a large or small scale, we can provide complex systems to accommodate apartments with multiple balconies and zones, including internal routing of plumbing to meet passive fire safety requirements.  Our team delivers irrigation solutions that are pragmatic and cost-effective, making the most efficient and environmentally friendly use of water.

Using mains pressure and pumped dripline systems and pop-up sprinklers governed by a wide range of controllers from in-garden battery node timers to remote Wi-Fi controllers, we deliver irrigation that gets the most out of plantings in any environment and enables maintenance teams or building managers to control and adjust as needed.

Contrax Drainage Solutions