Contrax Greenscapes

We work with developers & construction companies on vertical build, commercial landscaping, housing development and soft landscaping projects.

We understand that these projects demand an attractive, easily maintained end-result that adds value for residents, delivered within budget without compromising on quality, cost control or compliance. At Contrax, we offer a wide range of hard and soft landscaping services under a single project manager.  We can deliver paving, stonework, concrete works (including footpaths, vehicle crossings and traffic calming features, driveways, and carparks) and street furniture. We also have the specialist expertise in-house to offer landscape design services that will bring your development to life or provide planting plans to fill in the functional details within an existing design. This combination of expertise and practical application with all aspects of works on-site managed by a single subcontractor will help to smooth out the delivery of your project. 

Our skilled teams have delivered quality greens capes projects and we’d be happy to discuss your scope and requirements for future housing developments.

Vertical Builds & Apartments

At Greenscapes, we specialise in creating beautiful and functional spaces as part of highly technical, full service vertical construction projects.  Working on podiums or at heights, often with weight and space restrictions, requires specialist knowledge and capabilities to deliver in full, to specification
and to programme.

Soft landscaping

Our team has a proven track record when it comes to delivering soft landscaping on large scale developments to specification, programme, and budget. We have the expertise to design, select and procure specifically engineered soil mixes for sustainable features like swales, wetland filter systems, stormwater detention ponds and carry out off-site mitigation planting. 

Commercial landscaping

We work with Tier 2 industry leading contractors and construction companies to deliver the commercial hard and soft landscaping component of projects valued from $5M to $100M+.  With the in-house expertise to provide landscape design services and detailed planting plans in-house, we supply specialist crews providing a full scope of services under a single project manager. 

Housing Developments

At Greenscapes, our team works with developers and construction companies on small and large scale housing development projects.  We offer a full service from specialist landscape design services and planting plans and to a wide range of hard and soft landscaping services under a single project

Greenscape projects

Greenscapes can deliver every aspect of your project from soft landscaping to any associated civil siteworks, paving and stonework, timber works and specialist concrete features and finishes.

Medium to large-scale custom-concrete projects

Contrax is equally equipped to operate as head contractor or an expert sub-contractor delivering specialist concrete infrastructure, vertical construction and commercial projects ranging from around $500,000 to $5million in value.

Not your average contractor

Our specialist knowledge equips us to solve concrete construction challenges.
Contrax works in a partnership model with head contractors, clients and landscape architects to deliver their vision through a seamless construction process.

The skilled labour

At Contrax, we know that we’re only as good as the people we put on-site.  we have invested in building a large team of highly skilled tradespeople; concreters, pavers, carpenters, drainlayers, machine operators – supported by professional engineers, project managers and site supervisors.

What clients say about Contrax

Contrax is an experienced contractor and we had confidence that they would come through. They are always willing go the extra mile to hit deadlines and deliver high quality work that meets specifications.”
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Contrax provided solutions to construction problems that were fundamental to the successful outcome of the project. There were multiple parties involved and it’s been the perfect example of a good collaboration. All parties are absolutely delighted with the end-result.
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Contrax created samples, problem-solving along the way and got it right. We were amazed at how well the walls were constructed – the lines matched perfectly even though the concrete was poured at different times. This precision was down to the quality of the Contrax crew and their expertise – they were thorough, detailed and helpful.
Contrax managed themselves on-site and it all worked amazingly well. They are in a different league from any other contractor I’ve worked with.
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