Quality Management Systems

Contrax Ltd is committed to providing customers with a service or product that meets or exceeds their requirements. We manage this with our Quality Management System that is central to all our day to day activities.

This involves all staff from management to on site personnel being involved in establishing, developing and maintaining a site specific plan required for each unique site to enable us to deliver every project to the highest possible standard.

From start-up stage where clients’ needs and requirements are identified and the job specifics are understood and documented, ¬†through to final delivery, all staff are tasked with providing the highest quality delivery every time.

As the management system is a live document, it will be updated and continually developed throughout the project duration so that it remains a valuable tool regardless of the status or duration of the project.

The team culture throughout the company is one of delivering the highest quality every time and this is maintained and enhanced through our in house training programmes and a high level of supervision.

Our very high priority on Health and Safety and providing a safe working environment is always considered as a number one priority in all our planning and preparation.

Key to the success of our system is the self-auditing we undertake to ensure procedures and systems are being delivered to expectation which, if necessary, can be updated to reflect a changed environment. Hold points at crucial stages of delivery form a critical component of this management system.

Management commitment to this Quality Assurance process is ongoing and is illustrated by their investment in regular monitoring and auditing to ensure the stated policy is implemented and maintained throughout the company on all jobs.

The culture of quality is ingrained into our business with all employees adopting it as a part of their daily work with a “can do” attitude towards reaching delivery requirements to agreed specifications and standards.