Green Walls & Foliage Systems

Green walls and foliage systems are often a highly visual component of sustainable building design.  Custom-designed for each project, green walls are a bespoke item.  At Contrax Greenscapes, our experience across a range of systems allows our team to design, recommend, install, and maintain the right system for every job. 

Green walls

At Contrax, we can deliver a green wall solution from the initial design and planning stage to installation and on-going maintenance.  Each project has distinct features that help to determine the most appropriate option from a range of soil-based, hydroponic or hybrid systems.  

Our team includes an in-house plant procurement specialist to oversee the off-site propagation and growth of your preferred plant types so that we can deliver a fully formed ‘instant’ green wall at the correct stage of the overall build.  This off-site preparation means that we can install a green wall efficiently to meet programme timelines, complete with lighting and irrigation solutions that maintain plant health and vigour with minimum maintenance.

Foliage systems

Foliage systems require the construction of a tensile rigging solution that is mounted to the exterior of the building.  Installation requires soft landscaping knowledge, working at heights certification and specialist rigging expertise.  Our crew has proven experience designing and installing rigging systems (see our projects) and can deliver the whole job from fabrication of bespoke stainless-steel rigging and planter boxes to the best selection of plants and specially engineered soil mixes


Our experienced irrigation specialists design, install, and maintain watering systems for everything from gardens and lawns, to balcony planters, roof-tops and green walls in streetscapes, reserves, pocket parks and apartment buildings.

Parks & Reserves

Contrax can handle everything from initial drainage and earthworks to kerbing, paving, form work, timber works and planting.  Our strong focus on environmental, quality, and Health and Safety management under the control of a single project manager will mitigate project risk and form the basis of efficient, timely delivery.


Our team will ensure that your projects and plantings continue to look their best throughout the 12 months defects liability and beyond. Our services include weeding, mulching, plant care and on-going maintenance required to keep gardens and green spaces in prime condition to project specifications, with reporting and documentation to ensure contract requirements are met.

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Stormwater Detention & Rain Gardens

At Contrax we can successfully deliver wetland plantings of any scope and scale for the purpose of stormwater detention and filtration, providing the in-house expertise to draw up planting plans, procure plants and design specially engineered soil mixes for rain gardens to meet specific drainage and filtration rates. 

We can also supply specialist crews to carry out civil siteworks including pre-cast and cast in situ/formed in-ground rain gardens and drainage works.