East West Lane Way, Halsey Street


Auckland Council


Auckland CBD

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Contrax was commissioned by Downer NZ Ltd as main contractor on the high-profile East West Laneway, Halsey Street in Auckland’s CBD.

The project involved the construction of a 1.2m wide blockwork chamber, running the length of the laneway, on top of which Contrax crews installed 8 tonne pre-cast ‘purposeful’ puddles to a 2-3mm accuracy. Contrax placed around 2000m₂ of concrete with 6mm construction joins every three metres to avoid cracking, falls to direct rainwater to the puddles and decorative cuts every metre to create 3m x 1m panels.

The surface was acid-washed and given a very high finish before a specialist crew sandblasted a decorative pattern comprising of 480,000 40mm dots. The sandblasting crew completed the job in 47 days, completing 50m₂ of panels a day.

Contrax carpenters also worked on the site, building an interlocking timber feature for Nikau trees to grow in a garden set 1200mm below the walkway. Specialist pavers created stepping stones in the puddles and Nikau grove to create an area for children to play.


This project required an extremely detailed approach, delivering a very high finish and working with zero tolerance for error. Contrax crews worked to a tight programme over winter and delivered the works on time and to budget.

Contrax delivered the following on-site concrete and carpentry work:

  • Blockwork
  • 8 tonne pre-cast puddle installation
  • On-site concrete placing and finishing
  • Acid washing and sealing
  • Sandblasting
  • Stepping stone installation
  • Carpentry